The Tools

Hiking the Te Araroa in New Zealand I was given the trail name ‘Treebeard’ for my height, beard, and penchant for slow hiking. It’s calming to take a step back from the hurried digital world we live in, the one I jumped back into after returning from the trail.  

I shot film when I was younger. It was only after graduating college and the loss of access to a darkroom that I made the jump to digital.  On a whim last month, I broke out one of my old 35mm cameras and spent the afternoon photographing people, places, and the mundane.  I’d forgotten how much I love film.  

So with that, I have chosen a few tools different from my usual faire.  I’ll be shooting the majority of my next trek on film.  Using my grandfather’s Rolleiflex to be exact.  It has been in my kit ever since it was refurbished a few years ago, but rarely used.  Over the years, the camera has traveled more than I, and it’s wanderlust is just as excessive as my own.  It is a good pairing.

I won’t be able to see my photographs, and you won’t be able to either.  That will have to wait for my return home.  That's part of the beauty of film, and will help with my acclimation to slow living once again. 

But don’t worry, you won’t be completely cut off.  I’m throwing a GoPro in my pack for just that reason. You will still get photographic evidence that I’m out trekking across a few countries, not just putting my feet up at a resort in Cannes. month left to figure out how best to store my film!


Breaking Radio Silence

Happy New Years Everyone!

As I rang in 2016 in the back of a taxi cab in Houston, I figured it's time to step up my game and start the next adventure.  This time it'll be the Camino De Santiago. Starting in Paris (via Istanbul) I'll be walking across France & Spain over the course of a few months.  I haven't settled on a route yet, as there are many options.  Stay tuned for more info and photos.  

The journey begins in March!

What Would You Do If Money Didn't Matter?


Te Araroa - The Long Pathway

Te Araroa - The Long Pathway

From the beginning.... the middle...

...all the way to the end,

...down the entire length of the trail...

...I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way, shared trails, rides, meals, huts, and hostels.

The hospitality of New Zealand, it's people and the trail is unprecedented. I can't wait to return.  


Thank You.

A List Of Books Read On The Trail

Lord Of The Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

The Man In The Iron Mask - Alexandre Dumas

The Six Pack '06 - Various NZ Authors

Naked Eye Wonders: A Short Guide To The Stars As Seen From Aotearoa, New Zealand - Paul Taylor

100 Years Of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls: Essays, Etc. - David Sedaris

Dale Brown's Dreamland - Dale Brown & Jim DeFelice

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Erewhon - Samuel Butler

Goosebumps #32: The Barking Ghost - R.L. Stine

Wild - Cheryl Strayed

The Colour Of Magic - Terry Prachett

Conan The Wanderer - Robert E. Howard

Conan The Usurper - Robert E. Howard

Pakeha Maori - Trevor Bentley



Time To Start Planning The Next One!


Te Araroa Bonus Round - Stewart Island

So, looks like we weren't done with New Zealand, even though

we finished all 3,000km of the Te Araroa Trail.  A few of us decided

to slog through the mud of Stewart Island's Northwest Circuit!



Exploring The Lost World

Sunrise View From The Backcountry

Looking Out To Fiordland

Sunsets From Above


Kiwi Spotting

Through The Marshlands


(The majority of our ten days on Stewart Island.)

Steep Climb Up

The Wild

A Final Sunset

A Final Sunset 2

(Thanks to Marylene Coutret for jumping out from behind the camera

so I could have some subject matter in these photos!)


Next Up:

Te Araroa Retrospective



Bliss In Bluff

Spoils Of War

Next Up:

Te Araroa Bonus Round - Stewart Island